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Toll Rates & Height Restriction

Full Rates List: Click Here (PDF)

* Effective June 5, 2022, Cash is not accpeted in Windsor Plaza

^ Cash is not accepted in Detroit Plaza.

Motorcycles, Scooters and Hazardous Materials are PROHIBITED.

MAX. HEIGHT: 12 ft 8 in or 386 cm

MAX. WEIGHT: 145,000 lb or 65,770 kg



Nexpress Logo

NEXPRESS® Toll is a pre-paid toll pass that comes with a wireless 'tap' card and/or windshield tag that simplifies the payment process at the toll gate. All NEXPRESS® users are offered discounted rates travelling the Tunnel. For more information, visit our NEXPRESS® page or register now.

We also offer NEXPRESS Commerical for company travel needs.


Duty Free Store (Windsor)

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Store Hours: Visit store website for updated hours

Store Website:


Canada Customs (CBSA)

For information about Canada customs and regulations, please visit Canada Border Services Agency's website: or call 1-800-461-9999.


USA Customs (CBP)

For information about United States of America customs and regulations, please visit United States Customs and Border Protection's website: or call 1-313-393-3793 extension 0.